Monday, March 4, 2013

My new friends from Uganda need us.

 Hello there friends! We had such an eventful week we had last week that we just had to share.
We created a brochure to go along with our soaps, Sarah has started the process of her vaccinations and passport, and we are fundraising to everybody and anybody who will listen to us.
I have had the opportunity to speak with an Assistant Pastor in Uganda, who is from Uganda. I want to share with you a message he sent me...
"Sarah, there two villages that i want..Massese and Konko..those villages are full of alcohol,mens and womens are all useless..and childrens are walking naked without clothes...but am with you in prayers."
And in another message..
" have touched my heart and that was my prayer..i was praying God to give me some one who can stand with me to support childrens..i love children as you love them..i have learned many thing about childrens and i have experience of five years..
 am ready to work with you..sarah when are you coming to uganda?and i pray God to fulfill your heart's desire to uganda..l pray God's provision to provision..uganda is waiting your support.."
Our hearts ache for these brothers and sisters out there in a foreign land. After reading these messages from my new friend, Peter, I think, "How can I NOT try the best I can to raise money to help them?"
So we are trying everything we can. We know if this is the Lord's will, He will provide. We are doing our best and leaving Him the rest :)
Here are some pictures of our brochure for our Mission to Uganda.

I know you can't really see the information too good, but we were excited to get them completed and we just wanted to share this with all of our friends :)
Ok so here are some of our soaps ...
Our Unscented Cocoa Butter is great for those people who don't like to have their soaps scented but still enjoy the benefits of bathing with something so healthy as Cocoa Butter.

This Oatmeal Honeycomb soap is delicious for our skin! We love the scent, the cleaning power and the details of a honeycomb is adorable! Not to mention how good oatmeal is as an exfoliate!
We are having a blast with these cute designs! Little sister, Arika is begging every night "Please can we try a new batch of soap?!"
And these are the samples we wrapped up to give away to some friends to try out before they buy.
Any other ideas for scents that you'd like to try out?

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