Saturday, February 23, 2013

First experience of soaping For Sale!

  Here is the morning we woke up to today. Quiet. Peaceful.

How beautiful the trees are dressed in frost during the early morning winter hours! What a perfect day to make some soaping memories!
It has been two years since our move from out east. Upon arriving, we sat down as a family to evaluate some goals and make some changes in our priorities as a family. Among the topics of these goals were spiritual, academic, and "productive use of free-time", as Mom & Dad call it.
Us gals in the family voted to start learning the art of candle making and soap pouring to give away and for our personal use. The boys voted for a snow-blower and some tools to make Mom a Hope Chest- they are still working on that one :) We know they will make it though.
So after many hours of reading and researching different techniques and chemical reactions, (love those!) We are finally ready to make soap to sell! We ordered a new set of supplies last week!
Sarah and little sister waiting to start the process. Arika couldn't wait to help mix and pour into the molds.
Here is Becca and Arika curling and grating some embeds. 
Here is the men's soap.....
This Midnight Blue Men's soap was scented nicely. Not too strong- not too faint.
How fun is this design?! Midnight Blue won the favor of all three of the guys in our house.
Next was the Honey Soap.... 
The Honey soap was so delicious smelling! We wanted to eat it at times. Very rich scent of honey!
You can't really see the embeds here but they turned out beautifully. 
Last for the day was the Coffee Soap. Can we say "WOW!"?
What a way to exfoliate the skin with a quick "pick-me-up" scent with real coffee, coffee grinds, & cocoa butter!
Off to make another pot of coffee now:)
Just one more picture of our homemade coffee soap.
 We are excited that we didn't give up on our goal and met it. I know two years is a long time, but we had other things going on. :) It was fun to sit back and reminisce about the past. Much can happen in two years. It's even more excited to look forward to the future. To think what God has in store for us for the next two years!
What about you? Do you have something that you have been waiting to try? A goal you need to meet? It's never too late.  :)  How about a nice Spring time scent you'd like to try?

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