Monday, December 3, 2012

Jersey Strong Benefit Candles

Making our Jersey Candles for the Norma Alliance Fire Department was so much fun! We had to make them in batches because we can handle the assembly line much better that way. This is Becca wicking the jars before we pre-heated them.
We had help from everyone in the family with this project. Here we are placing the shells on the top layer. They were tricky to place on at exactly the right time - too early, the shells would fall through the top- too late, the shells wouldn't "stick" in the wax and move around in shipping.
Sarah worked really hard designing the perfect label for the candles and Becca & Arika put placed the labels on the jars. The camera seems to always snap Becca as she closes her eyes :)
Sarah took the job of cutting each candle it's very own "Beach Towel"- an idea from Dad :)
Here we are packing the last of the candles to be mailed. We think they turned out pretty good. The scents that were chosen were Jersey Beach Bum and Jersey Ocean Breeze.
And here are our finished candles! We really like how the ideas were born. Mom was contacted by a firefighter from New Jersey whom she had grown up with. The firefighter asked if we would be interested in assisting with a fundraiser to help Hurricane Sandy victims through the fire department. We all were so excited to be able to help our home state in anyway that we could!
Calls were made back home to Grandparents and Aunts. Soon we had the color choice by our Aunt Casee, the layered look of sand and ocean by our Grandmom Boyer and the scent choices by our Aunt Pammy!
Grandpop Boyer and Dad also had some great ideas but we decided to stick with the lady opinions on this one ;)
What a great idea this was! We wish the firefighters all the luck with their fundraiser!!

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