Saturday, November 3, 2012

First Indoor Show of the Season

Here we are with a friend. We were blessed to have Jaden offer her help today! Thanks Jaden so much!! 
Our first craft fair of the Holiday Season was a hit! We had such a great time making the candles & tarts. Here is the Hot Chocolate Candle that Becca made. She even put mini marshmallows in it!
The benefit candles need more attention so we are going to be focusing more time and energy on Isaiah this month. We are trying to raise money for Isaiah Casillas. He is a little boy whose story really touched our hearts.
Diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer, High Grade Undifferentiated Neoplasm, He was only given up to six months to live. This family is going through so much  right now. We can't imagine the fight this little boy is going through. His parents are savoring every moment they can with him. We want to help Isaiah and his family have a great Christmas this year.
Isaiah's favorite color is purple. His father, Mr. Casillas, choose the scent Eternity- type for his son. This smells just like the popular men's designer fragrance. Isaiah's mother chose the Tropical Tutti Frutti for Isaiah. This has mango, pineapple and wild berries with a hint of sugar, plum, & coconut milk and a hint of musk.
The proceeds of these candles go to the family to help cover any necessary costs they may incur while their son his bravely fighting for his life. Please help this family. We are also giving a free pack of tarts with all candle orders as our way of saying thanks. Click here to order your special Isaiah Casillas Candles.
This is precious Isaiah at a Fundraiser Car Wash in August. He was so full of life and excited to wash the "Monster Truck" :)  We are still praying for you, Little Man!

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