Thursday, September 20, 2012

Preparing for RailFest 2012

It has been a while since we have posted here. We have been so busy with Rail Fest 2012, ( and our new puppies) that we haven't had the time to even blog!  :(
But... now that Rail Fest is over and we can breathe, we can get back into our blogging! Oh how we have missed updating everyone! We have many pictures to share :) 
We made it out alive and Mom found her table & counter tops once again!
We put in some late hours but I have to admit that we made some good memories. We made some mistakes and hope to learn from them for the next time. After all, the fires are getting smaller :)
No matter how we prepared, the night before was still crazy! Sarah kept busy making Tarts upstairs while Rebecca & Mom created the candles in the kitchen. We have to say our brothers and sister were great troopers! They didn't mind eating in the living room or even laundry room when we couldn't find the table under all the wax mess.
Here we were setting up in the early hours of Saturday. This really was a family event for us all. Dad had to work out of town this weekend so we had all the younger kids there offering their help ;)
These are some of the Tarts Sarah made. Caramel Apple Crunch Tarts smell like the real thing!
A new topper for our Wide Mouth Jars is just adorable! More pictures to come and I promise to try not to go so long without posting next time. Hope you all have a great night!
God bless.
Sarah & Rebecca

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