Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wicks / Flame Drowning in Wax!
Wick drowning out the flame in our Apple Pie Loaf Candle

Have you ever had a candle that drowned itself out in its own wax? We have had that happen more than once here. We wanted to show you some options you have on how to fix this.
First, know that sometimes this will happen no matter what. We have had this happen with commercial candles, soy only, and paraffin & soy blended candles.
Drowning wicks could have happened to your candle if you had trimmed the wick too short, if you have a really soft wax, or if there was a draft while burning. But don't despair! You can save that candle & your money!
Good candles don't cost pennies for a reason. The fragrance oil is expensive - so save your money by getting every last drop of scent from your candle.
Since our candles are scented throughout, not just "top poured" (like most commercial candles) this is a great way to save money and extend the life of your scent!  The last drop of scent at the bottom will smell the same as when you first lit it.
Extinguish the flames and pour that flooded melt pool into a tart warmer. Remember, keep your wick trimmed to 1/4" after you pour the melted wax into the warmer.
Or, you can absorb it with a paper towel.
Carefully Extinguish the flames and fold a paper towel. Absorb what you need to properly trim the wick,  1/4".
Hope this has helped save some candle wax and your money :)

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