Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rest In Peace, Precious MaKenna Walters

Today we watched a mother and father do something no parent should have to do. The strongest mother I have ever seen, Mrs. Walters, walked such a graceful walk of faith today. MaKenna's services were beautiful with the presences of the Holy Spirit all around.
North Platte is a stronger community because of this little girl. This precious child brought barriers down in our town that we didn't realize were there. Personally, MaKenna has made us feel like North Platte is "home", at least for now. A feeling we haven't had in a long time. There are no words that can be said for how MaKenna has helped us. MaKenna Walters will always have a special place in this town's heart.
 Thanks to all who came out yesterday at Walmart to help support her cause. Together, you all raised $416! (The total for MaKenna's fundraiser) As for now, we don't know what we will be doing with the candles we made for MaKenna's Fundraiser. We want to honor her family and do what they wish. We will let you know at a later date. We know our Lord will lead us in the direction He wants.
 I think the rest of the weekend will be a time of prayers, rest, and reflecting on our Loving Lord.
Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you for allowing us to be touched by this angel and allowing us a  glimpse into her life. When she gets back from her ride on the zebra this afternoon, please give her a hug from us. 

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  1. So sorry for your loss. It's hard losing a child, anyone for that matter. But a child... God will heal the family's pain.


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