Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our first day at the Whistle Stop Market

What a sweet surprise we had found taped to our Candle Room door when we went to make candles! Our younger brother, Dennis made this door sign for us :)

Rebecca volunteered to make the signs for the market.

She is very patient with fine details. What a great job she did!

Gabe helped Sarah to bag the candles.

 Arika helped to wrap the candles in tissue paper.

 We put in a late night but we had lots of fun! Rebecca was upstairs making some Isaiah Casillas Candles while Sarah glues the ribbon to the MaKenna Walters Candles

We did really good for our first day at the Market. Now we know what to expect next Saturday.  :)Does anyone have any advice or tips for some Craft Fair Newbies?

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