Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Making the MaKenna Walters Candles

We were all pretty excited to see the "Big Brown Truck" pull into the drive today! A new shipment of wax and fragrance oil makes for a huge deal at our house. This order contained mostly sample fragrances that we plan on testing this coming month for fall :) AND.... more Sweet MaKenna fragrance for the benefit candles we are making for Makenna Walters.  http://www.facebook.com/#!/PrayersForMakennaWalters

Rebecca is wicking the Sweet MaKenna Pink Candles. Becca is such a trooper- helping to wick all these candles!  

Weighing the wax -2 pounds exactly! Thanks Becca.

And here is the final product of the Sweet MaKenna Walters Candle! The scent is awesome and really reminds us of a sweet little girl eating cotton candy at a country fair! Well, at least that is what I think of :)

Tomorrow we will be making more Isaiah Casillas Eternity Candle! Have a great evening everyone!

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