Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hello and welcome! My name is Sarah and my sister is Rebecca. We are "learning the ropes" in this blog world so when we make a bunch of mistakes please excuse us. Feel free to offer any advice you may have to a newbie blogger.

We started this to post our progress in our Scents mission. We do hope you join us and join in on the conversation from time to time. Let us know what you like and what you could have done without.

What is our "mission"? We're glad you asked. We make scented products with profits going to help orphans around the world. We also help out locally as often as we can as well. Please check out our website at There you will find our growing products and an opportunity to join us.

We had an eye-opening moment last year as we learned how many children there are literally starving in our world. It made us beyond sad and made us want to take action to help change this. But seriously, what can two teenage girls do?  We thought there HAS to be something we could do. Age shouldn't be a reason to not be able to help people.

After some praying we talked to our parents and came up with the idea of making candles to sell with all profits going to make a difference in someones world. We aren't going to let our age stop us. Our young age just gives us a head start in helping. So Scents On a Mission was born!

Eventually we hope to travel on our own mission team to help feed starving children. But for now we help the mission teams already established in different countries and save for our own trip.

Hope this explains a little more about us. If you have anything to say or have any questions, please feel free to ask us. Please check out our website.
Sarah C.

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