Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Smiles

Hey y'all! How's everyone doing? Just wanted to share with you what we've been up to this week.

                 On Tuesday, Sarah made these cute little chocolate chip cupcake tarts and candles!
Don't they look just like a real cupcake?! I think the kisses would have to be my favorite!
Mom and Rebecca made these Strawberries and Cream Soaps! Our kitchen smells like we made a strawberry shortcake!
We are looking for more Spring time scents to add to our products. Does anyone have any ideas?

Monday, March 4, 2013

My new friends from Uganda need us.

 Hello there friends! We had such an eventful week we had last week that we just had to share.
We created a brochure to go along with our soaps, Sarah has started the process of her vaccinations and passport, and we are fundraising to everybody and anybody who will listen to us.
I have had the opportunity to speak with an Assistant Pastor in Uganda, who is from Uganda. I want to share with you a message he sent me...
"Sarah, there two villages that i want..Massese and Konko..those villages are full of alcohol,mens and womens are all useless..and childrens are walking naked without clothes...but am with you in prayers."
And in another message..
" have touched my heart and that was my prayer..i was praying God to give me some one who can stand with me to support childrens..i love children as you love them..i have learned many thing about childrens and i have experience of five years..
 am ready to work with you..sarah when are you coming to uganda?and i pray God to fulfill your heart's desire to uganda..l pray God's provision to provision..uganda is waiting your support.."
Our hearts ache for these brothers and sisters out there in a foreign land. After reading these messages from my new friend, Peter, I think, "How can I NOT try the best I can to raise money to help them?"
So we are trying everything we can. We know if this is the Lord's will, He will provide. We are doing our best and leaving Him the rest :)
Here are some pictures of our brochure for our Mission to Uganda.

I know you can't really see the information too good, but we were excited to get them completed and we just wanted to share this with all of our friends :)
Ok so here are some of our soaps ...
Our Unscented Cocoa Butter is great for those people who don't like to have their soaps scented but still enjoy the benefits of bathing with something so healthy as Cocoa Butter.

This Oatmeal Honeycomb soap is delicious for our skin! We love the scent, the cleaning power and the details of a honeycomb is adorable! Not to mention how good oatmeal is as an exfoliate!
We are having a blast with these cute designs! Little sister, Arika is begging every night "Please can we try a new batch of soap?!"
And these are the samples we wrapped up to give away to some friends to try out before they buy.
Any other ideas for scents that you'd like to try out?

Friday, March 1, 2013

Facebook msg from Ugadian & Soap Fundraiser!

Hey y'all! We hope you guys are having an awesome week! We wanted to share with you what we are doing. We are having a soap fundraiser. It started today & ends April 1. We need to raise $2,000 by April 1 for our plane ticket to Uganda, Africa. Here is one of the orphanages where I was requested to help out this summer.

In fact, I wanted to share with you a conversation I had via Facebook with a Ugandan gentlemen who is waiting for an American volunteer to help with the orphanage. The message was edited to protect his privacy. This is the message I woke up to on Facebook this morning...

"Hello sarah my name is [name removed for privacy]. i work at [exact location removed ] children's home for five have touched my heart and that was my prayer..i was praying God to give me some one who can stand with me to support childrens..i love children as you love them..i have learned many thing about childrens and i have experience of five years..Wow God will do it. and i pray God to fulfill your heart's desire to uganda..l pray God's provision to provision..uganda is waiting your support.."


Can you imagine how touched I was reading that this morning? This just made me more inspired to raise the funds I need to get over there and help as soon as possible.
So..... on that note...

                 I wanted to share some of the deals we have going on! If you donate or purchase $100 worth of products on our website, we will send you a FREE bar of soap, of your choosing, shipping included!

Please Please help us out!

                So come check us out at And help us reach our goal!

Have a great evening,

Saturday, February 23, 2013

First experience of soaping For Sale!

  Here is the morning we woke up to today. Quiet. Peaceful.

How beautiful the trees are dressed in frost during the early morning winter hours! What a perfect day to make some soaping memories!
It has been two years since our move from out east. Upon arriving, we sat down as a family to evaluate some goals and make some changes in our priorities as a family. Among the topics of these goals were spiritual, academic, and "productive use of free-time", as Mom & Dad call it.
Us gals in the family voted to start learning the art of candle making and soap pouring to give away and for our personal use. The boys voted for a snow-blower and some tools to make Mom a Hope Chest- they are still working on that one :) We know they will make it though.
So after many hours of reading and researching different techniques and chemical reactions, (love those!) We are finally ready to make soap to sell! We ordered a new set of supplies last week!
Sarah and little sister waiting to start the process. Arika couldn't wait to help mix and pour into the molds.
Here is Becca and Arika curling and grating some embeds. 
Here is the men's soap.....
This Midnight Blue Men's soap was scented nicely. Not too strong- not too faint.
How fun is this design?! Midnight Blue won the favor of all three of the guys in our house.
Next was the Honey Soap.... 
The Honey soap was so delicious smelling! We wanted to eat it at times. Very rich scent of honey!
You can't really see the embeds here but they turned out beautifully. 
Last for the day was the Coffee Soap. Can we say "WOW!"?
What a way to exfoliate the skin with a quick "pick-me-up" scent with real coffee, coffee grinds, & cocoa butter!
Off to make another pot of coffee now:)
Just one more picture of our homemade coffee soap.
 We are excited that we didn't give up on our goal and met it. I know two years is a long time, but we had other things going on. :) It was fun to sit back and reminisce about the past. Much can happen in two years. It's even more excited to look forward to the future. To think what God has in store for us for the next two years!
What about you? Do you have something that you have been waiting to try? A goal you need to meet? It's never too late.  :)  How about a nice Spring time scent you'd like to try?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Candle Wax Education: Paraffin vs. Soy vs. Palm Myths

Hello there dear friends! Since we produce and sell both paraffin and soy candle products, we have been wanting to write a post about some of the differences in these waxes. With all the myths floating around the Internet, (along with zero documented proof) we thought now would be a great time to debunk some :)  

Our paraffin candles are made from 100% FOOD-GRADE paraffin. Yes, the same kind that is in your ice cream topping, chewing gum, chocolate bars & other candy, cheese, and the same kind that is on your produce that you purchase from the grocery store.

100% true soy candles are non-existent because you can't purchase 100% soy wax for candle production. All "Soy" wax is actually a blend of soy beans and "botanical oils." Which translates to vegetable waxes; hydrogenated palm, coconut, corn, or all together "Hydrogenated Vegetable Glycerides".  Most of these pre-blended soy waxes for candle production comes from imported tropical regions. No soy wax can claim to be certified organic because it is hydrogenated.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's start off with the raw forms of the most popular waxes. We have Soy, Palm, and Paraffin.
You wouldn't take a soy plant and light it on fire on your coffee table.
You wouldn't take a palm plant and light it on fire on your coffee table.
And you wouldn't take some petroleum and light it on fire on your coffee table.
These are the raw forms that each one of these products comes in. Each one of these are natural products from the earth. Every one of these raw products must be refined from it's raw state to a wax form that we can use in candles. (And chocolate, produce, shampoo, beauty products, medicines,... on and on we can go :)
First issue we want to cover is the "fuel/gasoline". Yes, petroleum can become gasoline when refined. Just as soybeans are now one of the most popular forms of bio diesel and palm is right behind soy in that category. So we know that all of these three waxes have a raw natural state that can be refined into a fuel.
The "Soot free" soy candle myth. There is no such thing as "soot-free" candle. Hydrocarbon, (aka- soot) is emitted when any organic compound is burned. Yes, including soy candles. Wick trimming will help you the most here.
Remember, not all soot is black. "White soot" can't be seen all the time with the bare eye.
All candles (and any burning material; toasters, fireplaces, cooking oils...) give off carbon particles. Just as these household everyday items are not considered a health concern they are also different from the soot formed by the other refined products (as we discussed above) that come from these raw materials- bio diesel and gasoline.
We hope this has helped answer some questions about the different types of wax that we use. We have been learning a lot about the different types of candle supplies & waxes and as we learn we want to educate our family and friends.
Have a scentful day!
Sarah & Rebecca

Growing Strong!

Happy Valentines Day, Friends! Sarah made this cute little Chocolate Raspberry Votive in honor of our love for our mom. Mom loves chocolate so we knew she'd get a kick out of this. She did.

I know we haven't been busy on our blog these last two months. But don't let that fool you. We are testing and planning some spring and summer scents now. Watermelon and Cotton Candy, Anyone? :) Yummy scents bring us back to a summer time country fair!

So what are some scents you would like to experience in a spring time candle?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Jersey Strong Benefit Candles

Making our Jersey Candles for the Norma Alliance Fire Department was so much fun! We had to make them in batches because we can handle the assembly line much better that way. This is Becca wicking the jars before we pre-heated them.
We had help from everyone in the family with this project. Here we are placing the shells on the top layer. They were tricky to place on at exactly the right time - too early, the shells would fall through the top- too late, the shells wouldn't "stick" in the wax and move around in shipping.
Sarah worked really hard designing the perfect label for the candles and Becca & Arika put placed the labels on the jars. The camera seems to always snap Becca as she closes her eyes :)
Sarah took the job of cutting each candle it's very own "Beach Towel"- an idea from Dad :)
Here we are packing the last of the candles to be mailed. We think they turned out pretty good. The scents that were chosen were Jersey Beach Bum and Jersey Ocean Breeze.
And here are our finished candles! We really like how the ideas were born. Mom was contacted by a firefighter from New Jersey whom she had grown up with. The firefighter asked if we would be interested in assisting with a fundraiser to help Hurricane Sandy victims through the fire department. We all were so excited to be able to help our home state in anyway that we could!
Calls were made back home to Grandparents and Aunts. Soon we had the color choice by our Aunt Casee, the layered look of sand and ocean by our Grandmom Boyer and the scent choices by our Aunt Pammy!
Grandpop Boyer and Dad also had some great ideas but we decided to stick with the lady opinions on this one ;)
What a great idea this was! We wish the firefighters all the luck with their fundraiser!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Getting ready for the Christmas Craft Fair this weekend

We wanted to try something new... Gingerbread Eggnog Tarts. Yummmmy! They smell as good as they sound!

These are our newest Peppermint Patty Candles. I think we used too much white peppermint & not enough "Chocolate". We will make some more tomorrow. What a wonderful Christmas scent!!!